Frac Refuelling

AFD Frac Refuelling System

AFD’s innovative refuelling system will increase worker safety by minimizing exposure time around the hot zones and high pressure lines through controlled fuelling. The self-contained unit has been built to meet and exceed fire code and hazardous location standards as well as include secondary systems to ensure that fuelling continues uninterrupted.

Large Capacity

42,000L fuel tank capacity (10,000 for Clear Diesel and 32,000 for Dyed Diesel) allows for seamless mobilization and demobilization as well as reducing start times.

Greater Flexibility

The unit contains 27 fuel reels, each with 420’ of 1” hose allowing for greater flexibility in tight locations. Each hose includes sensors and transmitters that generate real time data to the control room. The unit is also equipped with perimeter lighting for night operations.

Intuitive Control Panel

The Control Room contains two screen display monitors that control and provide fuel status for each reel and the main tanks. The color coded monitoring system allows for easy recognition of each individual real, as well as a visual of all 27 reels at one time.