Micro Fuel Stations

Micro Fuel Stations

About the MFS

Tired of sending drivers off site to refuel fleet vehicles? Don’t like not having control over how much fuel is used and how much money is being spent? Frustrated having to monitor diesel and petroleum fuel levels to make sure you don’t run out? Now you can have all the benefits of an off-site fuelling station right in your own parking lot.

Working with our engineers and designers, we built the Micro Fuel Station (MFS) to provide simple on-site fuel access, expense tracking, and fuel cost management. It's the perfect way to save time, effort, and money, no matter how big or small your business is.

Watch How The Micro Fuel Station Works

How It Works


Our team of engineers will come to your site to install the MFS, provide employee training, and show you how to pull reports. We’ll also work with the appropriate associations to certify the fuel tank and coordinate PTMA.


The MFS enables your workers to fill up their vehicles on site. Each user gets a key fob that gives them access to the on-site MFS during working hours. When they fill up their vehicle, the MFS automatically records how much fuel they took and what type, as well as the time, date, driver ID, and vehicle ID. If you have multiple fuel tanks, they won’t let users fill up their vehicle with the wrong type of fuel, which keeps you from wasting valuable resources.


The MFS comes with streamlined reporting software that you can install on your own computers and customize to suit your business’s needs. At any time you can generate and download live reports showing average litres per kilometre, hours of operation for maintenance scheduling, and any unusual transactions. This reduces time spent on fuel expense tracking and reporting down to just 20 minutes every month.


Each MFS can detect fuel levels and temperatures inside the fuel tank and transmit real-time information to the control panel. We can access this information from anywhere in the world using our web-based satellite monitors. When your MFS reaches a certain fuel level, it notifies dispatch and we schedule a delivery to arrive before you run out of fuel. And because we’re an independent fuel supplier, we’re able to supply the fuel you need at a competitive cost.

Calculate Your Savings

Use our fuel expense calculator to find out how much your business could save on fuel costs by investing in the Micro Fuel Station.


Reduce labour costs. Managing fuel invoices, reconciling reports, and setting up tax credits takes an accountant a full day, which wastes both time and money. With the MFS, anyone can generate reports after just an hour of training and fully manage expense reports in less than 20 minutes each month.
Reduce fuel waste. It’s easy for fleet managers to make mistakes when they’re filing fuel reports, which means more time spent reconciling those reports to make the numbers add up. The MFS makes it easy to manage fuel usage by user, vehicle, odometer and engine hours, filling time, and fuel volume for greater control over your fuel.
Access real-time reports. Every time the MFS dispenses diesel or petroleum fuel, you get an accurate report detailing who used the fuel, when, where, how much, and what type. You can remotely access each user’s reports through a USB or 3G network at any time, reducing the time spent assembling and approving reports.
Get more fuel in less space. The MFS comes in two compact sizes that can be moved by a loader and easily fit in a single stall in your parking lot. Despite its small size, the MFS can hold up to 13,000 L or 20,000 L, making it easy to store maximum fuel in minimal space.
Increase site safety. The MFS was designed with audible and visual capacity alarms, an auto-shutoff nozzle, an overfill prevention valve, and safety breakaway couplings. As well, the MFS runs a monthly self-diagnostic, notifies you if there’s a problem, and automatically files a report.
Lessen your environmental footprint. If a fuel tank springs a leak, it can contaminate water and cause medical problems. We designed the MFS with dual walls and all the latest failsafe technologies to keep fuel from spilling and impacting the environment and surrounding community.
Decrease fuel expenses. Oil prices are always changing, which makes it difficult to predict fuel expenses. As an independent fuel provider, we’re able to provide bulk fuel as part of our service agreement. Our automated system tracks fuel cost changes and can find the best prices from multiple refineries, giving you the most competitive fuel price on the market.


Rental & Purchase Options

Think a MFS is right for you? You can buy, rent, or rent to own over 36 months. Each MFS comes with complimentary fuel tank training and service, all for the competitive price of our diesel or petroleum fuel.