Heavy Grease

AWARD Extra Duty Moly

Product Line

AWARD Extra Duty EP Moly is a lithium complex – thickened grease, manufactured with superior quality and low viscosity base oils. This product is fortified with a synergistic combination of molybdenum and performance additives, allowing it to excel under severe operating conditions.

AWARD Extra Duty EP Moly has outstanding temperature operating ranges, acting as a dry lubricant when necessary while providing a dropping point well over 260°C


WARD Extra Duty EP Moly is recommended for the most severe applications in off highway construction, mining equipment, earth moving machines, and Caterpillar equipment, as well as other heavy-duty construction equipment. This grease is also an obvious choice for virtually any multi-purpose or severe extreme pressure application, particularly where the end user prefers a moly fortified grease. This grease can also be used in automotive, industrial, fleet trucks, and contractor service applications. The high performance characteristics are especially valuable in heavy-duty applications where sliding or oscillating motion is present as in bearings, steering linkage, and fifth wheel assemblies.

Performance Benefits

  • Extended service life of bearings
  • Protection from rust
  • Excellent water washout resistance
  • Extraordinary performance at high and low temperatures
  • Excellent performance under heavy loads
  • Superior equipment protection from rusting under humid and water ingress conditions

Available In: and Tubes.