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AWARD Extreme Drive Oil 50W

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WARD Lubricants Extreme Drive Oil 50 provides improved extreme pressure (EP) performance when compared to TO-4 fluids. TO-4 fluids balance wear protection with the frictional property requirements of transmissions. However, in severe applications without friction material, where the gears of final drives and axles are heavily loaded, only a lubricant such as AWARD Extreme Drive Oil 50 with effective EP characteristics can provide the wear protection necessary to minimize metal-to-metal contact. AWARD Extreme Drive Oil 50 meets the requirements of Caterpillar FD-1 specification for axles under heavy load.

AWARD Extreme Drive Oil 50 should not be used in transmissions or in any other component containing friction material. For applications containing friction materials, a TO-4 lubricant is required.


AWARD Extreme Drive Oil 50 has been formulated specifically to provide optimum component life, when used as recommended, in Caterpillar final drives and axles. It is formulated to protect bearings and gears from premature failure due to fatigue. It is specially formulated for drives and differentials operating under heavy loads and/or in high ambient temperatures.

Performance Benefits

  • Extends axle life for heavily loaded axle in Caterpillar equipment relative to TO-4 lubricants by improved EP protection
  • Oil life of 3000 hours in severe applications
  • Recommended for applications requiring Caterpillar FD-1 quality oil
  • Compatible with seals used in Caterpillar axles
  • Passive to copper and brass components
  • Compatible with TO-4 quality fluids
  • Not suitable for axles with friction materials or wet brakes

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