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AWARD Gear Oil GL-5 80W90

Product Line

AWARD Lubricants Gear Oil GL-5 80W-90 is extreme-pressure (EP) hypoid gear oil designed to exceed the latest performance standards for automotive, heavy duty, severe service. AWARD GL-5 80W90 performs well in both high and low temperatures and maintain outstanding viscosity stability over long periods of time.


AWARD GL-5 80W-90 is designed for service in the drive-train gears of heavily loaded equipment and passenger vehicles. They are recommended for the lubrication of hypoid, spur, bevel, helical, spiral-bevel and worm gears in differentials, transmissions, final drives, transfer cases, and steering mechanisms.

AWARD GL-5 80W90 ensures limited slip performance of hypoid gears. It is also fuel efficient and provides ultimate transmission and differential protection for trucks and off-road equipment.

Performance Benefits

  • Superior rust and oxidation additives to resist the formation of harmful contaminants
  • Special additives also prevent oil shearing or breakdown, even under severe load situations
  • Provides wear reduction and extended gear and transmission life

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