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AWARD Heavy Duty

Product Line

AWARD Heavy Duty Engine Oils are part of AWARD’s family of premium quality engine oils designed to provide world class performance in today’s diesel truck engine fleets as well as some modern gasoline engines. Formulated with precisely defined additive components in premium lubricating base oils, these oils provide exceptional performance in terms of soot control, engine cleanliness, and in extended oil drain programs.


AWARD Heavy Duty Engine Oils provide excellent performance in new low-emission diesel truck engines as well as in older models including many off highway engines such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kubota, John Deere, Case-New Holland, Massey Ferguson, and Volvo. AWARD Heavy Duty Engine Oils meet the latest API and engine builder’s specifications for North American, European, and Asian engine manufacturers. These oils will provide outstanding performance in turbo and non-turbo charged engines as well as in engines equipped with EGR emission control hardware. Performance in non-EGR engines and engines specifying API CJ-4 engine oils is equally as impressive.

Always consult your owner’s manual when selecting the appropriate viscosity grade for your engine.

Performance Benefits

  • Formulated and approved for use in a wide variety of diesel and gasoline engines to simplify oil inventories yet maintain complete warranty coverage of engines.
  • Extended oil drain capability due to a high TBN and great viscosity retention supports extended drain service intervals when used in conjunction with regular oil sampling.
  • Excellent dispersancy provides outstanding soot control in EGR and non-EGR diesel engines.
  • Superior deposit control and wear protection confirmed in field tests in major truck diesel engines.
  • Balanced formulations deliver corrosion protection required by major engine manufacturers.

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