Hydraulic Fluids

AWARD High Performance 10W Hydraulic Fluid

Product Line

AWARD Lubricants Hydraulic Fluid – High Performance 10W is a specially formulated hydraulic oil blend, designed to meet the needs of heavy duty hydraulic systems. High quality ingredients include thermally stable antiwear agents, ashless dispersants, anti- foam materials as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors. Producing a product with excellent protection against wear, corrosion and rusting in hydraulic systems.


AWARD HP10 features excellent vane pump and piston pump performance. AWARD HP10 resists deterioration and performs at superior levels, even at high operating temperatures, pressures and speeds while low pour point ensures easy system start-up in cold conditions. AWARD HP10 is modeled after the Caterpillar Hydo Advanced 10W, including the minimum zinc level of 900ppm (0.09%) currently required for Caterpillar Hydraulic Systems. AWARD HP10 carries extended drain capabilities out to 6000 hours with 500 hour sampling.

Performance Benefits

  • 6,000 hour Oil Drain Capability
  • Preferred Fill for Caterpillar Equipment
  • Rust and oxidation prevention capabilities
  • Superior demulsibility, anti-foam characteristics, and hydrolytic stability
  • Resists deterioration
  • Superior performance at high operating temperatures, pressures and speeds
  • Low pour point optimal for North American extreme temperatures

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