Hydraulic Fluids

AWARD HVI 15 Hydraulic Fluid

Product Line

AWARD HVI Hydraulic Fluids are advanced, long life fluids designed for high performance hydraulic systems in mobile and stationary equipment. These premium fluids provide excellent operating and maintenance benefits across a broad temperature range for increased productivity, performance, and hydraulic pump protection.


AWARD HVI Hydraulic Fluids are recommended for vane, piston, or gear-type hydraulic pumps in heavy duty, industrial machinery and mobile equipment. These premium oils effectively replace single grade hydraulic oils in any application where a reliability and performance improvement is desired.

These hydraulic oils may also be used as general purpose lubricants where straight mineral oils or conventional rust and oxidation inhibited oils are recommended. Check your owner’s manual for recommended fluid viscosity.

Performance Benefits

High viscosity index: Minimal viscosity change across wide temperature range delivers consistent, reliable performance.

High oxidation stability: Resists heat induced oil thickening and deposit formation in high pressure, high temperature service applications.

Outstanding anti-wear: Premium antiwear additives minimize metal to metal contact even in high pressure operation.

Smooth operation: Excellent fluid stability and water separation characteristics promote filterability even in the presence of water contamination. Anti-foam and air release properties help ensure smooth operation and high system efficiency.

Optimal oil service life: High oxidation stability maximizes fluid life for reduced oil changes and improved fluid economy.

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