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AWARD HVI Hydraulic Fluid

Product Line

AWARD HVI Hydraulic Fluids have been formulated using the latest generation anti-wear hydraulic oil chemistry and AWARD’s high quality HVI base stocks. AWARD HVI Hydraulic Fluid maintains an exceptional performance profile while achieving improvements in wet filterability, tolerance to contamination and frictional characteristics. These premium HVI fluids provide excellent operating and maintenance benefits across a broad temperature range for increased productivity, performance, and hydraulic pump protection.


HVI Hydraulic Fluids are especially designed for use in hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems subjected to wide variations in temperature or where low viscosity change with fluctuating temperature is required.

Award HVI Hydraulic Fluid is recommended for use in:

  • Excavators, cranes, shovels, drills, crawlers, cherry pickers, etc. operating at winter temperatures below -40°C and also at summer heats to the mid +30°C range.
  • Woodland and snow removal equipment.
  • Equiptment manufactured by Eaton Vickers, Denison, Komatsu, Sauer-Danfoss, Oilgear, Hydreco, Dynex, and others.

In many cases, the correct viscosity grade may be used year-round eliminating the need for seasonal oil changes.

Performance Benefits

Low Temperature Fluidity: Special viscosity index technology minimizes variation in viscosity with changes in temperature and provides good pumpability at low temperatures. The appropriate grade enables you to reduce non-productive warm-up time, minimize energy loss when starting equipment at low temperatures and reduce the risk of pump cavitation problems which can destroy a pump during start-up at low temperatures.

Outstanding Anti-Wear Protection: Proven anti-wear additives are incorporated in AWARD’s HVI to create an effective product throughout a range of operating conditions, including low and severe duty, high load conditions.

High Shear Stability: AWARD’s HVI Hydraulic Fluid has an excellent resistance to viscosity breakdown and coupled with a premium anti-wear package, will help ensure long pump life at high operating temperatures.

Superior Water Tolerance: AWARD HVI Hydraulic Fluids exhibit excellent hydrolytic stability, providing excellent filterability. Often in the presence of water, poorer quality oils can generate insoluble materials which will result in filter plugging.

Oxidation Stability: AWARD’s advanced technology HVI Hydraulic Fluids resist oxidation degradation and sludge formation even when make-up rates are low as well as resists chemical breakdown and lacquer formation.

Excellent Air Release and Anti-foam Properties: Careful use of additives ensures quick air release without excessive foaming.

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