Engine Lubricants

AWARD Single Grade HD

Product Line

AWARD Lubricants Heavy Duty Engine Oils are formulated with hydrocracked base stocks which counteract acids, varnishes and deposits to extend engine life and maintain peak efficiency. AWARD Lubricants Heavy Duty Engine Oils are low ash, oxidation stable, highly dispersant and detergent crankcase oils with superior lubricating and anti-wear properties.


AWARD Lubricants Heavy Duty Engine Oils meet or exceed the current and past API license requirements, and are backward compatible with old formulations. They are used in diesel, gasoline, propane or compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled engines where suitable. Single Grade Engine Oils meet the requirements of API-SJ in gasoline fuel requirements where recommended. Hydraulics – HDEO 10W is an excellent hydraulic fluid, where as SAE 10W engine oil is specified.

Always consult your owner’s manual when selecting the appropriate viscosity grade for your engine.

Performance Benefits

AWARD LUBRICANTS HEAVY DUTY ENGINE OILS provide outstanding protection against scuffing of highly loaded cams, hydraulic lifters, and other valve train components resulting in reduced engine wear and increased engine efficiency and power.

  • Inhibition against oxidation
  • Resistance to valve train wear
  • Resistance to bearing corrosion
  • Prevention of sludge formation caused by low temperatures
  • Resistance to cylinder bore and ring wear
  • Freedom from turbo-charger deposits
  • High temperature piston cleanliness

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