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AWARD Supreme Arctic Moly

Product Line

AWARD Supreme Arctic Moly is uniquely engineered for mining and construction equipment. This high performance extreme pressure grease also offers unmatched corrosion protection and industry leading usable grease life. It is compounded from a unique blend of synthetic thickeners and additives and the finest severely hydro-treated poly-alpha-olephin (PAO) synthetic base fluids available as well as other specialty arctic temperature base stocks.

AWARD Supreme Arctic Moly has been tailor made with extra graphite to far exceed the Caterpillar 5% Moly specification and provide the highest levels of wear prevention achievable. Additionally, this grease is made with unique polymers and tackifiers, enabling the grease to stay in place and adhere to vertical surfaces. These polymers also assist the grease in resisting pound out.


AWARD Supreme Arctic Moly is formulated with a low viscosity base oil and NLGI 0 thickness to increase its pumpability in arctic temperatures reaching as low as -50°C.

AWARD Supreme Arctic Moly is designed for superior lubrication and wear prevention to heavily loaded pins and bushings. Suited for use in the mining and construction sectors but also makes an obvious choice for virtually any application calling for moly grease.

AWARD Supreme Arctic Moly meets the specifications of Cat Arctic Platinum Grease which is recommended for grease fittings and lubrication points in all load and speed applications and ambient temperature ranges of -50°C to 20°C.

Performance Benefits

  • Extreme Life – High quality calcium0sulfonate complex synthetic base with 5% Moly
  • Extreme-Cold Operation – Performs and protects where ambient temperatures are regularly below -18°C
  • Moisture Resistance – Resists washout from fresh and salt water.
  • Reduced Component Wear – Resists softening and continues to protect parts under extreme loads and high speeds
  • Corrosion Protection – Resists oxidation and protects metal against rust. Will not corrode or damage steel, copper bearing alloys or conventional seal materials
  • Low Environmental Risk – Is formulated to use no lead, antimony, zinc, barium, chlorine, phosphorus or free sulfur

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