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AWARD Synthetic EP Gear Oil

Product Line

AWARD Lubricants Synthetic EP Gear Oil is formulated to outperform petroleum EP gear oils, providing excellent gear and bearing protection in extreme hot and cold temperatures during heavily loaded applications.


AWARD Lubricants Synthetic EP Gear Oil is utilized in enclosed spur, bevel, herringbone, helical and chain drive gear boxes requiring an AGMA EP or AGMA S gear oil.

Not recommended for use in automotive differential hypoid gears.

Not Compatible with PolyGlycol (PAG) based gear oils, Thorough Flushing prior to changeover is required in this instance.

Performance Benefits

  • Low Temperature Fluidity
  • Sulfur / Phosphorous additives blended for Extreme Pressure Protection
  • Rust and Oxidation Inhibited
  • Shear Stable
  • Non-Foaming
  • Rapid Separation from Water
  • Compatible with Seals and Petroleum EP Lubricants

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