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AWARD Synthetic HDEO 5W40

Product Line

Building on the AWARD heritage, Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils are a family of lubricants specially formulated for all season applications, excelling in low temperature applications. AWARD Synthetic 5W-40 has been formulated for API CK-4 applications to give the best performance over the widest temperature range.


AWARD Synthetic HDEO is recommended for all types of truck and automotive diesel and gasoline engines, where recommended. These oils are especially suited for use in low temperature environments where extreme pumpability properties are required. Suitable for on and off-road applications, including equipment exposed to extreme low temperature operations as well as equipment that does not require water separation properties at high temperatures.

Always consult your owner’s manual when selecting the appropriate viscosity grade for your engine.

Performance Benefits

Over the past few years, significant changes made to the limits for acceptable exhaust emissions created by heavy duty trucks has resulted in engine design changes that can affect the performance of conventional oils.

AWARD Synthetic HDEO Engine Oils provide:

  • Improved soot control.
  • Improved oxidation stability to minimize deposit formation.
  • Higher TBN to extend protection from acids caused by combustion.
  • Better protection against valve train wear.
  • Improved low temperature performance.
  • Potential fuel economy improvement compared to conventional 15W-40 heavy duty engine oils.

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