Hydraulic Fluids

AWARD Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid HD46

Product Line

AWARD Lubricants Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid HD46 is a full synthetic, premium, high performance, zinc-free, anti-wear oil designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas. It provides maximum pump life and trouble-free service.


AWARD Synthetic HD46 features excellent vane pump and piston pump performance. AWARD Synthetic HD46 offers the ability to control formation of contaminants to aid in preventing filter blockage. AWARD Synthetic HD46 resists deterioration and performs at superior levels, even at high operating temperatures, pressures and speeds and extremely low pour point ensures easy system start-up in cold conditions.

Performance Benefits

  • Inherently Biodegradable
  • Contains no heavy metals such as barium, zinc and calcium
  • 6000 Hour Oil Drain Capability (With Scheduled Oil Sampling)
  • Rust and oxidation prevention capabilities
  • Superior demulsibility, anti-foam characteristics, and hydrolytic stability
  • Resists deterioration
  • Superior performance at high operating temperatures, pressures and speeds
  • Low pour point optimal for North Americas extreme temperatures

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