Heavy Grease

AWARD Tacky Bar and Chain Oil

Product Line

AWARD Tacky Bar and Chain Oils are premium formulas that meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. These fluids provide excellent operating and maintenance benefits for increased productivity and efficiency.


Winter: custom designed for winter use and is the recommended choice where low ambient temperatures are experienced. Cold flow improvers ensure reliable oil flow via manual or automatic oiling systems in extremely challenging conditions while maintaining the necessary tack to adhere to the bar and chain maximizing lubrication protection. Recommended operating range is from -45°C to 0°C.

Summer: extra heavy formula custom designed for and preferred by commercial forestry organizations. Heavy weight formula offers outstanding tack, film retention, and anti-wear protection under extreme, high heat operating conditions. Ensures the extra level of protection needed to maximize the performance and efficiency of professional saws. Recommended operating range is from 10°C to 45°C.

Performance Benefits

  • These oils are dyed red for identification and good visibility where applied.
  • Use climatic conditions and ambient temperature to choose correct fluid viscosity.

Available In: Jugs, Pails, Drums, and Totes.