Transmission Lubricants

AWARD TO-4 Arctic

Product Line

AWARD Trans Fluid Syn TO-4 Arctic Full Synthetic Transmission and Drivetrain fluid is specially formulated with AWARD’s advanced ‘Arctic Performance Technology’ to deliver outstanding protection and performance in cold temperature operating conditions. Synthetic base stock ensures maximum component protection and offers extended drain capability. Specialized additives offer outstanding reliability and performance in ultra-low temperature applications ensuring maximum productivity in extreme conditions.


AWARD TO-4 Transmission / Drive Train Oils are recommended for use in Caterpillar and other competitive brands of heavy duty off-road equipment in applications where fluids meeting TO-4 requirements are specified. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, powershift and hydrostatic transmissions, torque converters, wet brake mechanisms, differentials, final drives, and hydraulic systems. Other applications include manual transmissions where API GL-3 or Allison C-4 fluids are specified.

Performance Benefits

  • Friction material compatibility – full fluoroelastomer compatibility ensures maximum friction disc life and delivers consistent, reliable performance.
  • High oxidation stability – resists heat induced oil thickening and deposit formation in high pressure, high temperature service applications.
  • Outstanding anti-wear – premium anti-wear additives minimize metal to metal contact even in high pressure operation.
  • Increased efficiency – the right fluid maximizes equipment reliability and minimizes maintenance costs.

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