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AWARD Trans Fluid TO-4 was specifically designed for modern Caterpillar transmissions, clutches/brakes, final drives. It provides excellent compatibility with transmission components and premium frictional characteristics to maximize equipment performance.

As equipment designs change to improve durability and efficiency, lubricants must be designed to keep pace. Caterpillar have redesigned their power shift transmissions incorporating new frictional materials in their clutches and brakes. These new materials are no longer compatible with many engine oils traditionally recommended in these applications.

Award Trans Fluid TO-4 is available as an SAE 10W, 30W and 50W grades to match your seasonal requirements.


AWARD Trans Fluid TO-4 is specifically designed for Caterpillar transmissions, torque convertors, hoists brakes and hydraulic systems lubricated from a common sump. AWARD Trans Fluid TO-4 is an Allison C-3/C-4 fluid and exceeds the requirements of Caterpillar TO-2 and TO-4 for power-shift transmissions.

Performance Benefits

  • AWARD Trans Fluid TO-4 is formulated without aggressive nitrogen containing components to ensure maximum life of clutch frictional materials.
  • Improved Transmission Life – A key factor limiting transmission life in modern equipment is the compatibility of new friction materials such as F-37 and Rayflex with engine oils. Active nitrogen containing components commonly found in many engine oils, can cause these friction materials to become brittle and break up resulting in reduced transmission life.
  • Superior Frictional Characteristics – Field tests have shown an increase in transmission disc life by up to 45% by utilizing the latest additive technology.
  • Versatility – AWARD Trans Fluid TO-4 is formulated as an SAE 10W, 30, 50 to provide you with seasonal flexibility. These oils are not formulated with Viscosity Index Improvers and hence comply with Caterpillar’s lubrication recommendations. In addition AWARD Transmission Fluid is formulated to provide superior anti-wear protection, anti-foaming characteristics and oxidation stability resulting in longer equipment life.

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