AWARD Synthetic Trans Fluid TO-4 MG

Transmission Lubricants

AWARD Synthetic Transmission Fluid TO-4 Multi Grade


Product Line

AWARD Synthetic Trans Fluid TO-4 MG was designed to perform in both very cold and hot environments, eliminating the need for seasonal product changes for Caterpillar transmission and final drives. This product is designed with the latest additive technology for new Caterpillar machines and has been field tested to show an increase in transmission disc life up to 45%.


AWARD Synthetic Trans Fluid TO-4 MG is designed for Caterpillar transmissions and any mobile equipment where conventional motor oils are accepted in hydraulic, transmission, gears and wet brake applications that require TO-4 fluids but also require better low temperature flow.

AWARD Synthetic Trans Fluid TO-4 MG is viscometrically equivalent to SAE 10W-30 and is recommended for product consolidation of 10W and 30W single grades, reducing energy usage, and extending drain intervals versus conventional TO-4 products.

AWARD Synthetic Trans Fluid TO-4 MG is primarily intended for power shift transmissions, clutches and brakes, final drives, bevel gears and dierentials, and other such drive train components.

Performance Benefits

AWARD Synthetic Trans Fluid TO-4 MG is formulated with a thermally stable chemical package which provides oxidation and anti-wear properties that increase the life of the bronze friction discs by demonstrating less slip. This increases the load carrying capacity of the clutches above that of typical qualied engine oil.

Jug Pail Drum Tote

Available in: jugs, pails, drums, and totes.