How to Save Thousands with Fuel Monitoring

How to Save Thousands with Fuel Monitoring

If you handle your own refuelling, you know it's frustrating having to monitor levels to make sure you don't run out. Our Portable Fuel Station (PFS) comes with satellite monitoring and reporting that can help us maintain your fuel levels without you having to worry.

What is satellite monitoring?

Each PFS comes with a specialized probe that detects fuel levels and temperatures inside the tank and transmits real-time information to the control panel. We can access this information from anywhere in the world using our web-based satellite monitors. When your tank reaches a certain fuel level, it notifies dispatch and we schedule a delivery to arrive before the tank runs out of fuel.

How can it help my business?

Imagine you rented a piece of equipment that costs $200 per hour to operate but is idle because it doesn't have fuel. If you have 10 units on site that aren't running, you're losing $2,000 every hour in wasted time. Trying to run an empty pump can also damage or destroy it, causing costly downtime, project delays, missed deadlines, and unhappy customers.

The PFS's satellite monitoring solves that problem. You don't need to worry about running out of fuel because we'll always fill up the tank before it's empty. You also don't need to store extra tanks of fuel on site, which takes up valuable space and increases inventory costs. The PFS comes in 13,000L and 20,000L sizes, but you don't need to buffer your inventory to avoid running out. If you only use 8,000L a week, we won't fill up the extra 5,000L because we'll know when you need a refill — saving you thousands of dollars each week.

With the PFS, you don't need to do anything except manage your daily operations, because the PFS's Fuel Management System takes care of your inventory management from start to finish. And because we're an independent fuel supplier, we're able to supply your fuel at the most competitive prices. There's no downside to having a cost-effective fuel storage system and competitively priced fuel when you need it!

How do I get a PFS?

Go to to sign up for a free product demo.

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