Portable Fuel Station: Customer Testimonial

Portable Fuel Station: Customer Testimonial

Over the last few months we’ve been telling you why the Portable Fuel Station (PFS) is a great option for any business. This week, we decided to stop telling you that... and let some of our customers say it for us. Here are just a few companies that are using the PFS and have good things to say about it.

Alstar Oilfield Contractors

I heard about the PFS through our local AFD representative Mike Langford, and we’ve been using it for about six months now. The PFS makes it convenient to fill up in our yard, and the cost savings are significant for bulk versus pump pricing. Our drivers easily adjusted to using the fob system to dispense fuel, and the administrative team finds that the ease of use and not having to manage the fuel levels is a big help.

Installation was easy, as the unit came ready to use and just needed power to hook it up. We had some initial issues with the diesel pump pumping too fast and kicking off the backflow preventers, as well as some control issues with the e-stop. But we got lots of good support and the issues were resolved quickly. I really appreciate the conscientiousness and service from the local AFD team. That alone is a great reason to use the PFS.

— Jay Hore, Alstar Oilfield Contractors


“Ledcor has been using the PFS for about six months now. The installation process was fairly seamless. Using the PFS was definitely a learning curve, but we’ve got it figured out now and we haven’t run into any major issues since it was implemented. I haven’t personally seen the fuel usage data yet, but I know the PFS is a portable, versatile, and reliable asset to have in our fleet.”

— Mike Hayes, Ledcor


Go to AFDpetroleum.com/portable-fuel-station to sign up for a free product demo.

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