Should I Buy or Rent to Own the PFS Tank?

Should I Buy or Rent to Own the PFS?

We designed the Portable Fuel Station (PFS) for companies that use fuel in their everyday operations and need a better way to track their usage. If you’ve been following our posts for the last few weeks, you might already be convinced that the PFS is right for your company. But how do you know whether buying or renting to own is your best option? Keep reading and find out.

Financing Options

Depending on your annual budget and available cash flow, you may or may not want to buy the PFS outright. That’s why we offer financing through a rent-to-own option. If you rent the tank, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money right away. You have more time to pay off the full balance of the unit, and in the meantime you get all the benefits of owning a PFS.

Service and Maintenance

The PFS is designed to be relatively low maintenance, and its above-ground setup makes it easy to maintain. Still, there’s a certain amount of after-sales service you can expect. When you buy or rent the unit, you can sign up for our monthly service plan to avoid down time or call our technicians if the need arises.


For a limited time, we’re offering a special incentive to buy or rent to own the PFS. If you choose to buy the unit, you’ll receive a 6% discount on your purchase of one tank. If you rent to own the tank, you’ll receive the first two months’ rent free of charge.

Option Comparison


  • Own unit outright
  • Three-year fuel supply agreement
  • A 6% purchase discount

Rent to Own

  • Own unit after 36 months
  • Three-year fuel supply agreement
  • First two months’ rent free

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