The Secret to Better Fuel Tracking and Reporting

The Secret to Better Fuel Tracking and Reporting

Fleet cards make it difficult to keep track of your fuel usage. If you don’t have control over how much fuel is being used and how much money is being spent, you won’t have the resources you need when you need them.

Our secret? A smart storage tank that tells you when someone uses it. Our custom-engineered Portable Fuel Station (PFS) is the perfect way to manage your fuel costs, no matter how big or small your business is. Here’s why.

​Faster & Better Fill-Ups

When users leave the work site to fuel up their vehicles, you don’t know where they are for an extended period of time. The PFS is kept on site, so users never have to drive to a gas station again. Instead they can quickly and easily fuel up and get back in the driver’s seat.

Each user gets a key fob that gives them access to the PFS. When they fill up their vehicle, the tank automatically records how much fuel they took and what type, which means the user doesn’t have to spend time filling out reports.

If you have multiple tanks, they also won’t let users fill up their vehicle with the wrong type of fuel, which keeps you from wasting valuable resources.

Improved Accountability

Fleet cards can sometimes be seen as gift cards. The PFS records the time, date, user ID, and vehicle ID at each fill-up and automatically generates live reports displaying user activity, along with any unusual transactions. The tank also requires the user to input their distance travelled before the unit will dispense fuel, which helps you monitor how much fuel they’re using and how often.

You can set a pre-approved amount of fuel for each user. If a user reaches their limit, the tank will stop dispensing fuel and will show a “no credits” message on the screen. You can adjust this limit as needed for users who travel long distances, or you can use it to remind drivers to be more economical about their fuel usage. The software also allows you to set lockout times so users can’t access fuel on weekends or days off.

More Accurate Reports

The PFS comes with streamlined reporting software that you can install on your own computers and customize to suit your business’s needs. Every time the tank dispenses fuel, the system sends you an online report detailing who used the fuel, how much they used, and when and where they used it. The live reports enable you to track fuel usage anytime, anywhere.

Constant Support

When we install the PFS at your work site, we’ll give you all the training you need to manage your own tracking and reporting. We’ll show you how to add users and vehicles, pull reports, and understand what they’re saying.

We believe the best way to learn is on the job, so after a month we’ll come back to give you a refresher course and answer any new questions. If you have any problems before or after the refresher, we also offer online TeamViewer sessions with one of our experienced technicians.

Automated Refuelling

If you handle your own refuelling, you know it’s frustrating having to monitor levels constantly to make sure you don’t run out. The PFS comes with reporting software that can help us maintain your fuel levels without you having to worry. Best of all, because we’re an independent fuel supplier, we’re able to supply competitive fuel pricing.

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