3 Reasons to Choose an Independent Fuel Supplier

3 Reasons to Choose an Independent Fuel Supplier

A franchised fuel supplier is usually backed by a big name brand. An independent supplier, on the other hand, is often a smaller company selling the same product. Some businesses might never think about using an independent supplier, whether because they've always used a franchise or because they don't believe an independent can compete. But did you know that an independent supplier can actually be more flexible and customer focused than a franchise?

1. Better Prices

Fuel franchises can't offer their own pricing because their prices are set by head office. As an independent distributor, we can ensure the most competitive fuel prices in the market. Our automated system tracks price changes and can find the best prices from multiple refineries, giving you a competitive fuel price. We also provide fuel for products like our Portable Fuel Station (PFS) so you'll always have the fuel you need, ensuring lower inventory costs and no project downtime. Depending on the size of the project, the savings you'll see from working with AFD could number in the thousands.

2. Better Service

Have you ever been in a tight situation that a supplier solved with a creative solution they wouldn't offer to just anyone? If a fuel supplier is a franchise for a major company, the supplier is bound by that company's culture and practices. Everything from pricing to equipment is decided for them, so their workers can't go above and beyond to provide great customer service. That's why we decided to be an independent fuel supplier. We don't just sell fuel: we're a start-to-finish solutions provider. We focus on you, and we do our job in a safe, timely way to keep your costs down.

3. Better Maintenance

Fuel supply franchises don't always own fuel storage systems. Instead they might direct you to a local equipment supplier or supply it to you through a third party. Maintenance is often overlooked in the process. If the equipment isn't maintained, it can be unsafe, causing accidents, project downtime, and missed deadlines.

We inspect each unit before it goes to a job site and when it comes back to ensure it operates as efficiently as possible. When we're inspecting the PFS, for example, we examine the tank base, electrical systems, connections, dispensers, and secondary containment. By making sure our equipment exceeds requirements, we keep our workplace efficient, our workers safe, and our customers happy.

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