3 Areas Where You Can Cut Fuel-Related Costs

3 Areas Where You Can Cut Fuel-Related Costs

If your company has a vehicle fleet or uses fuel in your everyday operations, you already know that fuel is one of your highest expenses. We designed the Portable Fuel Station (PFS) to help you save time and money in the following three areas of your business.

1. Compiling Expense Reports

You might rely on fleet cards to refuel your company vehicles. If you have a large fleet, you might even have up to three different cards. This means that each month, your accounting team needs to check invoices and allocate funds to the various departments. Managing invoices, reconciling reports, and setting up tax credits takes a skilled accountant a full day, which wastes both time and money.

With the PFS, anyone can generate reports after just an hour of training — no accounting degree needed. The tank’s software automatically processes all the information and allows you to set groups for company divisions and vehicle types, then quickly generate and print reports for that group. You can fully manage your expense reports in less than 20 minutes each month, saving money and freeing up your accounting team for more important tasks.

2. Resolving Incorrect Reports

Incorrect reporting makes it hard to tell if vehicles need to be maintained or repaired. The PFS's software shows you live reports that include average litres per kilometre, hours of operation for maintenance scheduling, and any unusual transactions. At each fill-up, the unit records the time, date, driver ID, and vehicle ID for reporting.

The tank also allows you to set up a forced odometer inquiry to track the distance recorded and distance entered at the time of the fill-up. If the driver has entered the wrong distance, the unit won't allow them to fill up their vehicle. They’ll need to double-check the odometer and enter the correct distance before the unit will dispense fuel, which ensures accurate fuel mileage consumption reports.

3. Fuelling Up

If you're working in a remote area, your preferred fuelling location might be a long drive away. When they get there, users may abuse their fleet cards by buying items other than fuel, or by fuelling up non-company vehicles at the company’s expense.

The PFS removes all costs associated with filling up at a second site. There’s no need to travel, which saves both time and fuel, and the PFS doesn’t allow for personal use during off hours. Even if a user puts company fuel into a non-company vehicle, the software will calculate an error in fuel mileage consumption. That way you can address the problem in a timely, cost-saving way.

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